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July 22, 2014

Dancing Around Town


Dancing around the Triangle.

Get out on the town and dance! The Triangle NC area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) has a rich variety of partner dancing to choose from: Swing (Lindy, West Coast Swing, Blues, Shag), Ballroom, Latin (Salsa, Bachata, Zouk) as well as Country and Contra.

We have attempted to list the most popular and established dances/organizations in the Triangle NC area. This list does not fully represent the large selection of social dancing or studios that present dances on a weekly or monthly basis.






Please remember to contact the organization/sponsor directly before attending one of these weekly or monthly dance events to confirm advertised times/locations & pricing.

2 thoughts on “Dancing Around Town

  • I would like to get a listing ,or recommendations for dance lessons for a mature adult. I live in WAshington state, and i have been social dancing for 10 years and i love it. My sister is 60, and would like to take some beginner classes. However, we are having some trouble in finding local dance classes. I would like a little help in getting some recommendations. She wants to take lessons,for fun and exercise, not for finding a new dating partner. I have noticed some dancing groups are like that. ) She is professional, single , and normal, and wants a basic , learning atmosphere. She lives in Garner, but works in Raleigh. I have looked on the internet for this region, but i find mostly ballet /hip hop schools for children and teens.
    I did see that there is a USA dance chapter, but there were no schools listed , that were associated with their chapter . Do you have recommendations ? I realize that you may not want to offer recommendations, but i would really appreciate something. I don’t want to take her something that is sleazy or disorganized, and discourage her! was thinking i would go to a few dance classes, with her, for a little confidence, and then she will be able to continue on her own. I am here for a week.
    linda rodgers

  • Dear Linda,

    We have a very fun and friendly dance every Sunday afternoon-evening in Raleigh, just 25 minutes from Garner. About 120 people each Sunday with either afternoon Ballroom or afternoon Salsa/Latin dancing starting at 3:30 pm with a beginner dance lesson. We follow that with our evening Swing dance that starts with a beginner Swing dance lesson at 6:15 pm. No partner or prior dance experience is necessary for the lesons. Age group is late 40’s, 50-60’s. This is a great place to meet nice people and have fun. SUNDAY DANCE LINK:

    We also have ongoing group dance classes during the weekday nights. DANCE CLASSES LINK:

    Third option is personalized Private Lessons: PRIVATE LESSON LINKS:

    Hope this helps you and your sister.

    Thanks for contacting us! My Cell 919-749-3030


    Wesley Boz

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